- Rice have a round white grain and very tough. When cooked rice is soft, stick, aromatic.
- It retain ductility and aroma when cooled.
- In hana akita rice contains selenium which help us to prevent a cancer risk efficaciously, the easy metabolism process.
- Decrease to angiocardipoathy diseases, nerve pain, hypertensive diseases.
- Good food for women to make a beautiful.
Here are the instructions:
Step 1: Put rice in a large bowl. Rice absords water very quickly when you start washing, so don’t let the rice absorb the unclear water. Gently wash the rice in a circular motion and discard the water. Repeat this process about 3 – 4 times.
Step 2: Transfer the rice into a closely-woven basket or a sieve, to drain completely. Combine the rice and water in a pot. Rice to water radio is 1:1
Step 3: Let the rice soak in water for 30 minutes (with the big amount of rice)
Step 4: Press to cook
- When cooking ends, you wait about 15 miniutes that rice will drain and so delicious.
- You have to use boiling water which is the most scientific method, so Vitamin B1 in rice won’t lost, ensure the quality of rice.