TBR225 rice has a high nutrient content, white rice, soft and flexible rice. Cooked rice is soft, stick, aromatic. It still retain ductility and aroma when cooled
Here are the instructions:
Step 1: To measure rice on demand.
Step 2: Wash  rice from 3 – 4 times with clean water by your hand ( you use your hand to rub gently, avoid broken rice grains).
Step 3: Combine the rice and water in a pot. Rice to water radio is 1: 1
Step 4: Let the rice soak in water about 5 minutes before cooking. It make a soft, stick
Step 5: Press to cook
NotesWhen you begin to cook, you should add a little salt. It will help more beautiful color of rice. Besides, it restrict a sticky rice at the botton of the pot. You have to use boiling water which is the most scientific method, so Vitamin B1 in rice won’t lost, ensure the quality of rice.