1. Origin: Dong A1 is selected by ThaiBinh Seed. It is recognized as the trial production variety in 2017
2. Main Characteristics:
- Dong A1 is transplanted in all season whole year; In spring season is 125 – 135 days, in summer is 105 – 135 days; height of plant 100 – 105 cm; strong stem, straigh leaf; small and long gain; good resistance to some pest and diseases such as blast, bacterical leaf streak and sheath bligh. Dong A1 has cold, salt resistance;
- 1000 grain weight 18.5 – 19.5 gam.
- The average yield is 5.8 – 6.5 tons/ha, reaching  7 tons/ha in intensive cultivation. After cooking, Dong A1 is soft, delicious and fragrant.