1. Origin:

TBR89 is a purebred rice variety selected by Mr. Tran Manh Bao  an agricultural engineer and his partners which is monopolized by ThaiBinh Seed Joint Stock Corporation. It was recognized for trial production in 2019.

2. Characteristics:

TBR89 is a cold-tolerant variety with wide adaptability.

Growth time: in the North of Viet Nam: in Spring crop from 133 days to 138 days, in Summer crop from 105 days to 110 days; in South Central and Central Highlands: in Winter-Spring crop from 120 days to 125 days, in Summer-Autumn crop from 100 days to 105 days.

Height: from 105 cm to 110 cm, beautiful and neat phenotype; long seeds, brown husk; 1000 seeds's net weight is about 24 grams to 24,5 grams.

Good resistance to pests and diseases, slightly infected by rice blast bacteria, by sheath blight disease, by leaf blight bacteria and by brown planthopper. Moderate resistance to shedding.

Average yield reaches from 65 quintals to 75 quintals/ha, can reach from 75 quintals to 80 quintals/ha with good intensive farming conditions.

Amylose content reaches 15.8%, good rice's quality, cooked rice is soft, strong taste, quite aromatic.