LVN 10 hybrid maize variety is a single hybrid maize variety which is produced by Doctor Tran Hong Uy, Deputy Doctor Ngo Huu Tinh, Deputy Doctor Pham Xuan Hao and collaborators of Maize Research Institute, from the DF1/DF2 co-clones, it was allowed regionalization by the Ministry of Agriculture and Technology, and the LVN10 hybrid seed production process was recognized as new technological improvement in August 1994.

* Main characteristics:

+ LVN 10 variety belongs to late-ripening group, growing time in spring crop from 125 days to 135 days, in summer-autumn crop from 95 days to 100 days, in autumn-winter crop from 110 days to 120 days.

+ Height: from 200cm to 240cm, close corn 100 - 140cm with 20-21 leaves.

Average length of corn: from 18cm to 22cm, corn's diameter from 4,5cm to 5,5cm, with 10-14 rows of grains, number of grains/row is about 35 grains to 45 grains, the ratio of grains/one corn is 82% to 84%; 1000 grains's net weight is about 300 grams to 330 grams, semi-horse's teeth shape grains, orange yellow color.

+ Average yield reaches from 55 quintals to 65 quintals/ha, can reach 80 quintals to 90 quintals/ha with good intensive farming conditions.

+ Good resistance to drought, to acidity, quite good resistance to shedding, almost not infected by pests and diseases.