1. Origin:

DT84 soybean variety was created by the Agricultural Genetics Institute from the hybrid combination ĐT-80/ĐH4 (DDT96) by the method of sexual hybridization combine with experimental mutation by gamma Co60kral on F3-D333 hybrid line.

DT 84 variety is a soybean variety that is currently widely grown in many places because of its high yield, its resistance to high temperature and good resistance to falling, slightly to moderately infected by some major diseases. Yellow and round shape, big and beautiful seeds.

2. Characteristics:

Growing time: in Spring crop from 115 days to 120 days, in Autumn crop from 90 days to 95 days, in Winter crop from 110 days to 115 days, main stem's height from 50 cm to 60 cm, strong stem, dark green leaves, neat canopy, purple flowers, yellow pods, big, yellow seeds, light brown hilums.

Average yield reaches from 15 tons to 25 tons/ha, can reach 30 quintals/ha with good intensive farming conditions.