1. Origin:
Phuc Thai 168  is the three line hybrid rice seed, co-operative product between Fujian Kehui Seed Co.,LTD, China and Thai Binh Seed Joint Stock Corporation. It was jointed in National trial system.

2. Main Characteristics:
- Growth duration: In Spring season is 130 -140 days, plant height from 105 – 110 cm, good growth, strong stem, straight leaves, mild infection to blast disease, brown plant hopper, leaf blast bacterial. Phuc Thai 168 was planted mainly in Spring season.
- Average yield: 6.5 – 7.5 tons/ha, 1000 grain weight from 28,0 to 29,0 grams. The milling rate of 61 – 65%, the rate of Amyloza: 14,0%. Phuc Thai 168 has a long gain, white,soft, tasty.