1. Origin:

Phuc Thai 168 is a three - line hybrid rice variety, co - operative product between Khoa Hoi Seed Company, Fujian, China and ThaiBinh Seed Joint Stock Corporation. This variety has been participated in testing in the National Testing System.

2. Agronomic characteristics:

Growing time: in the North of Viet Nam: in Spring crop from 120 days to 130 days.

Height: from 100 cm to 110 cm, beautiful phenotype, strong stem, good tillering, neat, vertical leaves; flower's length 28- 31 cm , grainy, long and slim seeds, 1000 seeds's net weight is about 28 grams to 29 grams.

Average yield reaches from 7 tons to 8.5 tons/ha.

3. Rice's quality:

The ratio of brown rice: 82 - 83%; the ratio of milled rice: 61.5 - 65.5%; the ratio of raw rice/milled rice: 55 - 60%; rice grain's length: 8 - 8.6 mm; D/R ratio: 3.7; Amyloza content is low:14.0%; white and slight silver rice grains; cooked rice is soft with strong taste.

4. Resistance:

Slightly infected by rice blast bacteria (0-1 point), by brown plant hopper (1-3 points); infected by leaf blight bacteria (3-7 points).

5. Adaptability:

Be cultivated mainly in Spring crop.