1. Origin:
Thai Xuyen 111 is the three line hybrid, co-operative product between Sichuan Agricultural University, China and Thai Binh Seed Joint Stock Corporation. It was recognized as national variety by MARD in 2010.

2. Main Characteristics:
-       TX111 is the best among rice hybrid varieties in Vietnam, high yield, high rice quality.
-       Maturity:  In the North of Vietnam, in Spring season is 130 -140 days, in Summer season is 105 – 110 days.
-       Good growth, strong stem, straight leaves, width of leaves is medium, long  lasting green
-       High insensive farming, good resistance to leaf blast bacterial,infected leaf blight bacterial lightly.
-       Average yield reaches 7.0 – 8.0 MT/ha, good insensive farming can reach 9.0 – 10.0 MT/ha.
-       The rice is translucent, cooked rice is  aromatic, soft, stick, delicious.