1. Origin:

OM9582 is a copyrighted rice variety by ThaiBinh Seed Joint Stock Corporation, it was recognized for official production in 2019.

2. Characteristics:

OM9582 is a cold-tolerant and short-term variety. Growth time: from 95 days to 100 days.

Height: from 100 cm to 110 cm, strong tillering, strong stem, beautiful phenotype, vertical leaves, concentrated flowering; flower's length: 27 cm to 28 cm. Long and slim seeds, 1000 seeds's net weight is about 25 grams to 26 grams.

Quite good resistance to acidity, resistance to salinity: 2-3 ‰; slightly infected by rice blast bacteria and brown planthopper, moderate reaction to yellow dwarf disease.

Average yield reaches from 70 quintals to 75 quintals/ha, can reach 80 quintals to 90 quintals/ha with good intensive farming conditions.

Amylose content reaches the avarage of 24-25%, good rice's quality, pure rice grains, cooked rice is soft.

Giống lúa OM9582