1. Origin:

BC15 is a high-yielding purebred rice variety which is monopolized by ThaiBinh Seed Joint Stock Corporation. It was recognized as National Seed in 2008.

2. Characteristics:

BC15 is a cold-tolerant variety with wide adaptability, strong tillering and strong regeneration.

Resistance to rice blast bacteria is better than the old BC15, slightly infected by leaf blight bacteria.

Growth time: in the North of Viet Nam (from Hue to the north): in Spring crop from 130 days to 138 days, in Summer crop from 110 days to 115 days; in South Central and Central Highlands: in Winter - Spring crop from 115 days to 120 days, in Summer - Autumn crop from 105 days to 110 days; in the South of Viet Nam: from 100 days to 105 days.

Heigh: from 110cm to 115 cm; big flowers, grainy, slim seeds, 1000 seeds's net weight is about 23 grams to 24 grams.

Average yield reaches from 70 quintals to 75 quintals/ha, can reach from 90 quintals to 100 quintals/ha with good intensive farming conditions.

The ratio of milled rice is high (68-72%); Amylose content reaches the average of 18.0%, good rice's quality, pure rice grains, faded rice grains is not many; cooked rice is soft, strong taste.