1. Origin:

N97 is a sticky rice variety selected by Agricultural Science Institute of Viet Nam, selected and purified by ThaiBinh Seed Joint Stock Corporation.

2. Characteristics:

Growing time: in the North: in Spring crop from 125 days to 135 days, in Summer crop from 105 days to 110 days; in South Central and Central Highlands: in Winter-Spring crop from 110 days to 115 days,  in Summer-Autumn crop from 100 days to 105 days.

Height: from 110 cm to 115 cm, strong stem, anti - shedding, moderately tillering, beautiful phenotype; gourd shape seeds, 1000 seeds's net weight is about 24-25 grams.

Quite good resistance to cold, susceptible to low and high temperatures in the period of turning to maturity; slightly infected by leaf blight infection, moderately to seriously infected by sheath blight disease and rice blast bacteria.

Average yield reaches from 50 quintals to 60 quintals/ha, can reach 70 quintals to 75 quintals/ha with good intensive farming conditions.

Rice grains are opalescent, sticky rice is pappy with no aroma.