A Sao is a type of sticky rice that you try once and will remember forever. Small and round shape, milky white rice grains, cooked rice is soft and aromatic. The special thing about A Sao is that when the raw rice is cooked and made into sticky rice, it is very soft, aromatic and full of sweetness. Every time the scent of A Sao sticky rice floats in the kitchen, people feel like they are back home, back to their childhood with the memories of helping their grandmother and their mother fan the kitchen while cooking sticky rice. The scent of A Sao is so wonderful, it is just a rice grain, but it flutter us and make us fret!
A Sao, a moutainous name, bring to our eyes the image of the winding roads, of the yellow terraced fields, and of the royal palace Vuong Phu. But few people know, it was born in Thai Binh rice countryside, on an agricultural land in An Thai commune, Quynh Phu district.
In the past, it is said that A Sao was a public palace, Hung Dao King was 18 years old at that time and he was awarded the title of Thuong Vi Hau, obediently came there to look after the royal rice warehouse for more than 3 years. During the Tran Nhan Tong dynasty, he held a high position in royal military - leader of infantry barracks and marine barracks, defeated Nguyen's troops who invaded our country led by Thoat Hoan. The King instructed A Sao villagers to repair his old house to make his temple. After his death, villagers made a cult for his statue and also the statue of Yet Kieu and Da Tuong in that temple. On the banks of Hoa River, there is an elephant statue built by villagers follows Hung Dao King's instruct to commemorate the battle elephant he rode while crossing the Hoa River to chase O Ma Nhi's troops. The elephant waded in deep mud and could not withdraw its legs, so it had to be left behind.
A Sao's historical origin is like a legacy that our previous generation has left to the next generation. Understanding that sacredness, scientists of ThaiBinh Seed Joint Stock Corporation (ThaiBinh Seed) has selected and developed A Sao to become a type of rice with many outstanding advantages, suitable for external conditions. Although A Sao was newly created, it still retains the delicious taste of Northern countryside and its name evokes many interesting emotions for people who enjoy it.
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