In the morning 4 Janurary 2017, ThaiBinh Seed was solemnly celebration 45 years of establishment (10/1/1972 – 10/1/2017). On the celebration has the leaders of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Central Economic Committee, People’s Committee of Thai Binh Province and the representative of Departments, Units, Sectors in ThaiBinh Province and many another provinces.
At the beginning of the celebration, Mr.Tran Manh Bao, Chairman & CEO of ThaiBinh Seed has highlighted the 45 years of contribution and growth, through the stages of foundation and successful breakthroughs.
ThaiBinh Seed is one of leading seed companies has a strong brand with many varieties are in national seed, with 13 branches and the distribution system in around the country. ThaiBinh Seed is also a business with a team of workers high quality, with over 52% of workers with a university degree, cooperated with many companies and research institute seed in foreign….. Farmers in around the country especically loved and trusted the productions of ThaiBinh Seed. At the celebration, ThaiBinh Seed also launched Nieu Vang Rice brand and the Nieu Vang Fun. The budget of Nieu Vang Chairty Fund bring the name Nieu Vang – Look after people’s love of ThaiBinh Seed from the contributions of workers of ThaiBinh Seed, extraction 50đ per 1kg/seed, 100đ per 1kg/Nieu Vang rice when sell in the market.
Nieu Vang Rice has an origin from a variety copyright of ThaiBinh Seed, Mr.Tran Manh Bao Chairman – CEO along with coworkers selected. It was choiced by farmers to procude in many different areas in around country. Nieu Vang Rice has a small grain, white colour. Rice has a high nutritious, soft, sweet and fragrant.