- Full of aroma from immature rice until harvest. Unique and natural aroma that only fragrant rice variety owns.

- Distinct flavor, cooked rice has a bold taste as pouring few salt. This is due to salt concentration in water in the estuary.

- Specially, Tien Hai estuary is rich of alluvium in Tra Ly river's downstream area, so Tien Hai fragrant rice is rich of nutrients, suitable for children and people who value their health.

- Pure and clean rice is produced under a completely closed process from selecting.

- The average amylose content is low: 11.6 (% CK), so when the rice is cooked quickly, cooked rice is pure white and has a bold taste, sweet aroma.

- Rice grains do not hatch much, so cooked rice is elastic.

- Nutrition: Tien Hai Fragrant Rice has a higher content  of protein, vitamins and starch than other types of rice, so it provides more energy.
Gạo tám thơm Tiền Hải