1. Origin:

Peanut variety L14 was selected by social selection method from the peanut variety QD5 from Imported Peanut Corporation of China. It was officially recognized as technological improvement according to Decision No. 5310/BNN - KHKT on November 29, 2002.

2. Characteristics:

- L14 is highly productive and has many good agronomic characteristics. The variety belongs to Spanish botanical shape, with vertical stem, neat, good resistance to falling, dark green leaves.

- Growing time: from 120 days to 135 days (in spring crop); from 90 days to 110 days (in autumn crop and winter crop).

- Height of main stem: from 30 cm to 50 cm, big fruits, pink silk skin, 100 fruits net weight is about 155 grams to 165 grams, 100 peanut grains's net weight is about 60 grams to 65 grams, the ratio of kernel/fruit is 72% to 75%.

- Yield: from 45 quintals to 60 quintals/ha.

- Resistance to pests and diseases: high resistance to leaf diseases (brown spots disease, black spots disease, rust disease...), good resistance to premature death (wilt bacteria). High intensive farming for high yield.