1. Origin:

TBM18 is a sticky maize variety hybridized by ThaiBinh Seed Joint Stock Corporation, it has been participated in testing in the National Testing System.

2. Agronomic characteristic:

As a short-term hybrid sticky maize variety, time from sowing to harvesting fresh maize in Autumn-Winter crop is from 65 days to 68 days, in Spring crop from 70 days to 72 days.

Average height: from 180cm to 200 cm, well-grown.

Big corn is 17-19 cm in length, leaves cover all over the corn, corn's uniformity is very high, the rate of tier-1 corn is high, milky white grains.

Good resistance to some major pests and diseases, medium resistance to drought and to cold.

High yield, fresh corn's yield reaches on average about 15 tons to 17 tons/ha, can reach 20 tons/ha with good intensive farming conditions. Good quality, sweet with specially aroma.

Fresh corn is harvested from 20 days to 22 days after spraying.


Giống ngô nếp TBM18.JPG