-White and round shape rice grain like the moon
- Rice grains are very hard, but cooked rice is soft and elastic.
- Fragrant sweet, bold taste
- Cooked rice is very chewy, rice grains are beautiful and shiny.
- Cooked rice is still delicious and aromatic when cooled.
Rice contains selenium which is effective in preventing the risk of cancer, facilitate the metabolism.
- Many minerals and especially the presence of manganese enhance body's immune system.
- Balance the amount of sugar, reduce high blood pressure
- Clear heat, cool liver
- Minimize cardiovascular diseases and nerve pain
- Stimulate appetite
- Good for women
How to cook Koshi rice:

Step 1: Rinse rice carefully, wash 3-4 times until the water is clear (Japanese people put water in then use five fingers to flatten it clockwise, next step they use both hands to rub the rice grain lightly as massage to avoid breaking rice grains)
Step 2: After rinsing the rice, put it in the basket to drain the rice, then put into the pot with water at the rate of 1kg of rice/1,2 liters of water (depending on the new or old rice, reduce the amount of water accordingly), especially only this kind of rice can make Shushi.
Step 3: Soak for 30 minutes to allow water to soak into the rice grain (for large quantities, if the amount of rice is small, do not need to soak)
Step 4: Press the cooking button.
- After rice is cooked, wait about 15 minutes, the rice grains will drain and very delicious.
- Cooking rice requires boiling water, this sounds simple but not everyone does it. Cooking rice with boiling water is the most scientific method, so the amount of Vitamin B1 in rice will not be lost, while ensuring the quality of rice, cooked rice is so more delicious.