- Whole and white rice grain
- Rice is aromatic, hatch softly, bold flavor
- Cooked rice is soft, ripe evenly.
- Cooked rice is still delicious and remains its aroma when cooled.

How to cook J03 rice:
Step 1: Measure rice according to needs.
Step 2: Rinse the rice carefully 3-4 times with clean water (use your hand to rub the rice lightly to avoid breaking rice grains.)
Step 3: Pour water according to the ratio of 1kg of rice/1,2 liters of water.
Step 4: Soak rice before cooking for about 30 minutes will make rice elastic and softer.
Step5: Press the cooking button.

- Adding few salt when cooking will make cooked rice beautiful, reduce rice which is sticky and make it have spices.
- Cooking rice requires boiling water, this sounds simple but not everyone does it. Cooking rice with boiling water is the most scientific method, so the amount of Vitamin B1 in rice will not be lost, while ensuring the quality of rice, cooked rice is so more delicious.