Ninh Hoa Economic Department combined with Thai Binh Seed has invested in Participated Club of Ninh Ha precinct, Ninh Hoa commune to do the performance model with 2 new rice varieties TBR36 and OM 8017 on an area 1 hectare at Ninh Ha precinct. This is an action which create new varieties to replace old varieties. In the moring 16th, March, 2016 Economic Department and Thai Binh Seed combined to organized the conference about the results of the trial.
The conference evaluated the result of the performance model of 2 new varieties TBR36 and OM 8017
At the conference, after delegates went to visit the performance model and heard 2 farmers who directly made the model, reported the development and growth of rice, fertilizer measures and elements to create the productivity and economic efficiency of the model. Compared to with sowing Ma lam 48 rice which was a control variety with TBR36 rice variety and OM 8017 rice variety at the same time, so that,  TBR36 and OM 8017 still have the good lodging resistance, disease resistance, adaptation to soil conditions, climate and drought. Yield rice of TBR36 and  OM 8017 rice variety expected 78 quintals/hectare, 70 quintals/hecta. Yield rice Ma lam 48 rice variety just reached 58 quintals/hectare. 
Delegates visited the performance model
About the economic efficienty, the profit average of TBR36 rice variety after detucting all expenses was 28.5 millions dong, the profit of OM 8017 was 24.4 millions dong, while Ma Lam 48 was only 18.3 millions dong. From the results above, farmers attended at conference and Economic Department of Ninh Hoa apppreciated TBR36 and OM 8017 rice variety.