Last time,Thai Binh Consumer Association has deployed to do the  propaganda activities, to spread law for consumers and an important contribution to the protection of consumer’s right. On that basis was created conditions for agencies, organizations, businesses and consumers are fully aware of an important of the right, responsiblities and obligations in the process of manufaturing, trading as well as the option of buying, selling goods to ensure the quality and safety.
Delegates attend to respond the right day of Viet Nam consumer in the meeting
In the meeting, Mr.Bao – Chairman, CEO of Thai Binh Seed is  the respresentative for companies in Thai Binh said that all consumers have to choose the best goods, and he also hope that agencies of government have to propagate futher, have many ways to resist a fake goods and protect for businesses. Besides, businesses need to have responsibility for their products to consumers and engage with agencies to protect the consumer’s right. Enterprises should register brand protection, introduce clearly their product and noice to agencies about a fake goods in market. Especially, Thai Binh Seed will ensure to provide the best varieties for farmers.
Mr. Bao - Chairman, CEO of Thai Binh Seed expressed at the meeting
According to Mr. Tran Xuan Nhue, Chairman of Thai Binh Consumer  Association mobilized on that occasion with slogans: To buy a quality good to protect yourselfl; Please select clearly a original good. Especially, the program has the theme:“Enforcing the law to protect right’s consumer” with the attending of agencies,organizations, businesses and consumer representative, control and deal with many infringement acts of right’s consumer, often maintain that program, operate the meet “ Right day of Vietnam consumer” on 15th ,March together.