On 13th May 2017, the seminar was held in Fuzhou city of Fujian Province attracting representatives of nearly 300 businesses from Vietnam and China. Following President Tran Dai Quang, Mr. Tran Manh Bao – Chairman & CEO of Thai Binh Seed Joint Stock Cooperation (ThaiBinh Seed) has signed co-operation agreement among ThaiBinh Seed and Fujian Kehui Seed Co., Ltd (Fujian Kehui Seed).
ThaiBinh Seed will offer varieties according to norm of varieties stutable with development of Viet Nam rice, maize sector. In addition, Fujian Kehui Seed Co., Ltd has many strong about technology, science, equipment and facilities will be selecting varieties following the order of ThaiBinh Seed.

ThaiBinh Seed signed co-operation agreement with Fujian Kehui Seed 

Flight route proposed

At the meetings, President Quang expressed his deleight to visist Fujian, which is rich in historical traditions and a pioneer in China’s reform and door opening process. The leader expressed his wish that Fujian will set up mutually beneficial co-operation with Vietnamese localities and share experience in socio-economic development, poverty reduction and administrative reform while promoting economic, trade and investment ties with Vietnam. He also suggested the Chinese province increase imports of Viet Nam’s agricultural, forestry and fishery products, and encourage local businesses to invest in such areas as infrastructure, high- tech agriculture and clean energy in Viet Nam.
Following the meeting, ThaiBinh Seed signed co-operation agrrement with Fujian Kehui Seed on varieties sector (including rice seed and maize seed).
Mr.Tran Manh Bao said that: The co-operation among ThaiBinh Seed and Fujian Kehui Seed is higher level, higher scale. Fujian Kehui Seed will select varieties according to ThaiBinh Seed’s requirement about productivity, quality and good resistance, suitable with weather and consume in Viet Nam. Concurrently, Fujian Kehui Seed will research and complete ThaiBinh Seed’ products to bring on production in Viet Nam.