On 13th May, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Province Thanh Hoa combined with ThaiBinh Seed, orgainzed the conference and evaluated two new varieties which are testing in Thanh Hoa, including: Dong A1 and Phuc Thai 168.

Representatives of Agriculture Sector, Communities have visisted Phuc Thai 168 at Thieu Ly commune.

Dong A1 variety is planted at Dong Minh commune with 2 hectas. This is a new variety with many advantages. It will replace Bac Thom 7 variety in future because Bac Thom 7 variety is degenerating in Thanh Hoa Province. All farmers made this trial, they said that Dong A1 variety is ability to restance diseases. In growing process, Dong A1 variety does not use pesticide. Predicted yield reaches about 3 quintal/sao.

Delegates joined and appraised the characteristics of Dong A1 variety at Dong Minh commune

Phuc Thai 168 hybrid rice seed is also tested in Thieu Ly commune, predicted yield is about 75 quintal/ha. This is a three line hybrid rice seed, strong stem, big flower, the rate of imperfect grain is low.At the conference, delegates evaluated the advantages of two new varieties by ThaiBinh Seed selected.
Phuc Thai 168 hybrid rice seed is tested at Thieu Ly commune