The new brand identity of Thai Binh Seed is created the part of name brand and the part of image section. The part of name brand is the phrase “Thai Binh Seed” with font has “leg” which make everyone felling trust and firm.The new slogan of Thai Binh Seed is “ The pride of Vietnam farmers”
The new brand of Thai Binh Seed 
Attending the annual meeting has more than 200 delegates representing of branchs, agents which sell the products of Thai Binh Seed in North, Vietnam. In the meeting, Mr. Bao said that the meeting not only to Thai Binh Seed give the grateful with customers who are always side by side during the past years, but also, this big communication opportunity exchange between the supplier and the branchs, agents to built the relationship and share difficulty, help Thai Binh Seed to give the good varieties to famers in around country.
Mr. Tran Manh Bao  give the award for customers, agents which have the high sales figures
Until now, Thai Binh Seed has 15 branchs, more than 500 agents in around country. Each year, Thai Binh Seed supply to market an average about 20.000 tons. In there, Thai Binh Seed has 8 varieties which are recognized the variety nation: OP rice variety TBR-1; TBR36; TBR45; TBR225; BC15; OM8017; Hybrid rice variety CNR36, Thai xuyen 111; Soybean TB25 and Malze variety VS36.
200 delegates visteds the seed processing factory 
During past years, Thai Binh Seed always try to invest a machinery and equitment following the standard of Europe, to research and launch the high quality varieties for farmers in production, to imporve revenure.” Mr.Bao said