On 10th February, Mr. Zoyir Mirzayev – Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation of Republic Uzbekistan vististed and worked at ThaiBinh Seed.
Mr.Pham Van Ca - a member of the standing committee of ThaiBinh Province, Permanent Deputy Chairman People’s Committee of ThaiBinh Province and the leaders of ThaiBinh Seed met and worked with the  Groups together.
At the meeting, Mr.Ca has presented the general introduction of the geographical location, potential and strengths of ThaiBinh Province, especially in the agricultural sector. ThaiBinh Seed is an unit which owns 10 copyright varieties, each variety has outstanding advantages. Two main varities in the market is OP rice varietiy BC15 and TBR225.
Mr. Nguyen Van Minh – Vice General Director of ThaiBinh Seed shared: OP rice TBR225 transplanted in Tay Nguyen on has severe enviroment conditions, the yield still reached 7,5 tons/ha, the quality of rice delicious, soft and fragrant, the growth time is short.


In past years, ThaiBinh Seed has targeted to invest for technology and science, especially is the seed processing plant, the technical maintaining varieties following the standard of Europe; built the Research and Development new product center (the square is 50 ha) and the National Standards Laboratory.
ThaiBinh Seed is now a member of Asia and Pacific Seed Association. The products of ThaiBinhSeed also cooperate with many countries such as Laos, Cu-Ba, South Africa to develop varieties.
Mr.Zoyir Mirzayev - Deputy Prime Minister and pepole of the gourps really admired because of Uzbekistan is producing varieties with the quality of rice is low, the growing is long time about 5 months. He also knew that Uzbekistan has a severe weather condition. In winter, the temperature down to -35 point degrees, while in  summer, the temperature up to 45 point degrees. Moreover, the border with the “dead sea” Aral, salinity in water from 0.3% to 0.4%, to finding the water resource for production more and more difficult.


Deputy Prime Minister Zoyir Mizayev shared: “ If ThaiBinh Seed agree cooperation with Uzbekistan in the field of varieties, I myself will report with Prime Minister to issuse the privary decree about agricultural cooporation with ThaiBinh Seed. Through, the goverment will be bail for your company, created all conditions to your company operate effectively as supply to your company a large enough area of land for research and other necessary facilities, get preferential policies on tax, custom...on the posible scale”.